{Cereal Essentials Roundup}


  I’m headed home today after a whirlwind few weeks of travel and cannot wait to get back into the kitchen to properly celebrate National Cereal Day tomorrow. In the meantime here are some accessories you might need to celebrate this amazing day (yes, this is important). The cutest cereal bowls of life or this… [read more]

National Cereal Day Treats!


This Wednesday is National Cereal Day and so I thought I would give you a little bit of advance notice in order to prepare yourselves for this (obviously) extremely important national holiday. Ahem.. Or, just a great excuse to buy lots of sugary kids’ cereals at the grocery store. Or, just a great excuse to… [read more]

Fruity Pebble Cereal Truffles


I know, I know.. It’s the day after Valentine’s Day and you’ve either eaten too many chocolates, or are sick of chocolate, or indulged in champagne last night. Or, oh.. I don’t know, had a massive cake fail yesterday and just needed an easy recipe to reassure yourself that you were still a great baker.… [read more]