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{Thanksgiving Prep} Rustic Table Decor

It’s hard to describe why I’m obsessed with Thanksgiving so much-I think it’s because the real way I like to show love is through food. Whether it’s while I’m in the kitchen prepping, the actual cooking process, the plating, or watching everyone enjoy the meal… it’s the best way for me to show how much… [read more]


{Chic Styles} Fall Table Style

Although I’m not home at the moment I am thinking about how I plan on decorating for Thanksgiving- a girl’s got to be prepared after all. It’s just going to be four of us for the Turkey Day feast but no matter how many people it is, I like to go all out in the… [read more]

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{Healthy Traveling with YMC}

Phew, this week was a doozy. A whirlwind trip to LA for meetings and photo shoots combined with me having a wee bit of a winter cold and probably not enough … [read more]


{Sugarfina: Beverly Hills}

I have written about Sugarfina on here quite frequently, used them in many of my tv segments, and also given the amazing bento boxes as presents. There is no … [read more]

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