{My Thoughts On} Hometowns and Advice


Apologies for the late (and possibly short) post today. I am back in my hometown to be the commencement speaker at my old High School for the evening- and I currently have a nephew who REALLY wants to bake a cake. Who am I to question that? As I sit here putting the finishing touches… [read more]

Owl Cupcakes + Chocolate Ganache


Today’s post is more about ganache than cupcakes- but how could I not share them with you? They are not my original creation, but a Pinterest/Google find… sharing is caring after all. How do you make them? Frost cupcakes with chocolate frosting, split two Oreos in half, place them on the frosted cupcakes, use M&M’s… [read more]

Apple Roundup + A Fun Friday Ahead!


Remember that time I made spiced apple pear pies and put them in mason jars? Yep, my mason jars- love ‘em An apple pie smoothie, see… I can do more than just apple desserts. Healthy times! Spiced Apple Baked Oatmeal that is the perfect portable breakfast… and can be made the night before Apple Pie… [read more]

Remembering + Kindness


This morning, as I look out over the beautiful city skyline and listen to the 9/11 memorial on the news I can’t help but take a moment to reflect a little and be thankful. Thankful that my family, although spread all over the place, are all healthy and happy. Thankful that my husband and I… [read more]