{My Thoughts On} Quitting Sugar


I recently picked up Sara Wilson’s book I Quit Sugar and I literally sat down at 6am with my morning coffee and couldn’t put it down. I then saw her on the Today Show that very same morning and took it as a sign that I needed to pay attention to what she was saying.… [read more]

{Friday Styles} Easter Inspiration


I’m headed down to Virginia for Easter and couldn’t be more excited. This time of year there is amazing- tulips and daffodils blooming, the berry plants starting to flower, BABY CHICKENS??!! Yep, baby animals… they steal my heart. I can’t wait to spend some QT with my sister- hopefully ending up in the Colonial Williamsburg… [read more]

{Behind Closed Drawers}


In honor of tonight’s event that I’m hosting with Journelle + The Castle Hill Inn they have done a little write up on me over on their website. So flattered to be asked, thank you so much Journelle! Click over for the  full article!