YMC’s {Fit Chic} Travel Faves

Firstly, let me just tell you that it was my full intention to share  healthy recipe with you this morning to kick off Fit Week over here on YMC… whelp, that turned out to be a massive fail (I’m still trying to perfect my egg free baking) and so instead I will share with you what’s going into my travel bag this morning before I head off to LA for 10 days! 

It’s really important to me that I stay on track while traveling- especially on a trip like this that is mostly for work (with some play factored in). If I treated every trip I took as a vacation, well you guys see how much I travel, it wouldn’t be great for my fitness regime. Instead I focus on doing fun things that I wouldn’t necessarily get to do in NYC- and in California that is hiking, being outside, and going to Physique 57 in Beverly Hills (their studio is amazing…just amazing).

What’s keeping me fit on this trip? 

Hayden Reis bags, not only are they fashionable but they are functional… waterproof, which is perfect for me to bring along on my workouts (beach workouts- yay!), and large enough for me to throw all of my stuff in. Not to mention they are pretty, without looking like your typical workout/beach bag.

Another Hayden Reis favorite? Their Beach Bud bags- not only great for wet swimsuits, they are perfection for wet workout gear after an intense Soulcycle spinning class..

My Nike Free’s come with me everywhere- you guys probably see them in all of my instagram pics. I love them because they are super light and don’t weigh down my already full suitcase- plus them come in a bazillion colors. Yes, a bazillion

Designer Whey is my go to protein powder- no scary chemicals or additives there- their “Protein 2 Go” is something I always have in my purse

This Suck It Up tank, is my favorite, I need to own 5 just so I can rotate them daily.. check out the rest of her store, I’ve gotten some really fun workout gear from there

One Lucky Duck, oh how my obsession grows daily… your spicy cashews keep me energized when I have a midmorning slump running to meetings,  the raw chocolate chip cookies keep me from stuffing my face with cake (and the fact that they are healthy is just a plus), and your honey bunches bar is the perfect breakfast on the go.. They ship too, which I might have to do while out of town..

Headphones, yes… to block out annoying airplane neighbors and to kick my butt into gear when lifting weights..

With that, I’m off to the West Coast! Catch you guys from sunny sunny California..