Retro Kitchen Finds!

I love finding vintage style items for our home- Etsy is probably one of my favorite sources for that! So in honor of retro week over here on YMC here are some of my favorite finds from around the web. I think these items scream “glam housewife,” but not “real housewife” a la Orange County… 

Plus, it’s Wednesday and we probably all need to do a little shopping to get us through the rest of the week… am I right? Of course I am! 

1. Could these glasses be any cuter? There are also plates and bowls to match!
2. These dish towels, I swoon…although with about 20 in my kitchen, I’ve been put on a dish towel ban

3. Did anyone else’s grandmother have Pyrex bowls galore? This print will most definitely remind me of summer days spent stirring jello and fruit together for jello salad- come on, who’s with me?

4. Do these Coca Cola glasses remind anyone else of an old school diner… I’m pretty sure my Mom has some up in her attic. Mom?

5. Nothing, absolutely nothing, is sexier than a frilly retro apron- in the kitchen or out of it. Woah! 

6. The diamond print on the side of this coffee maker adds a little bit of retro glam to an otherwise plain appliance

7. This cake tin needs to be in a baby blue color- and then it will have a home on my counter

8. Want to really unleash your inner 50’s housewife? Here’s a step by step on how to make your own apron

9. A silver kitchen scale that could also double up as a fruit bowl- way cuter than the digital one I’ve got

10. I think we all know why this Kitchen-Aid mixer is on here..

11. Crockpots are my life- and my life is also baby blue… coincidentally enough, my slow cooker just kicked it

12. Doesn’t this toaster just belong in a 1950’s diner with some poodle skirts? Or on your kitchen counter..