{Motivation + Friends}


Last night I had the most amazing dinner with a great group of friends- I call them my West Coast chicks (because, well… they live out here in Cali). It was so much fun to get together and catch up over a great meal. We went to one of my favorite places out here, Porta Via Beverly Hills, which has some of the most deliciously healthy menu items ever (I find myself there several times while I’m in town- honestly).

The conversation quickly turned over to food, exercise, and motivation. One friend has really gotten into healthy/clean eating and weight training- she was so proud of her progress and cutting sugar out of her diet. As we swapped stories I realized that girls can do two things to each other. We can either be an amazing cheering squad or we can be motivations worst nightmare. Case in point, when dessert was brought to our table (because the owner of Porta Via is incredible- gah, panna cotta and flourless melt in your mouth chocolate cake) none of us pressured the friend to try the dessert. She had just spent the last hour telling us about how excited she was that she had stayed on track- so why would we make her feel bad about that?

However, how many times have you pressured that friend or been pressured? We’ve all done it, I’m guilty of it as I hate to eat dessert alone (but yes, will totally do it- you’ve seen my instagrams)… “Come on, order that pizza with me.” “I can’t eat dessert alone- just one bite.” The list goes on and on. I’ve also been scrutinized for eating healthy at restaurants, “that’s what you’re going to order?!”

So my advice is this.. the only person you have to be accountable for is yourself and a good friend is a cheerleader- so let’s motivate each other to make healthy choices.

Or not healthy ones, you know, when the need arises… because sometimes a breakup or a bad day calls for chocolate cake

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