Homemade Holiday {Snowflake Treat Containers}

These items were kind of hard to photograph, as the pictures don’t really do them justice. During my Michaels-stravaganza this weekend I got it into my head that I really needed to make my own containers for Christmas gifts this year.

Warning, if you are a friend or family member you might be seeing one of these.

Well, when I stumbled across the Martha Stewart Craft line all bets were out the door… then I found the glass paint and stencils and realized that I could customize anything and everything. Yep, I was a goner. I’ve painted tins, glasses, mason jars, you name it- if the paint sticks I’m doing it.

This is such a simple craft, but it does involve buying the Martha items- but they are well worth it. I mean, she’s got a line of glitter glass paint.. thank you MS for allowing me to customize things for my loved ones.

What you need?

*Martha Stewart Glass Paint
*Martha Stewart Paint Stencils, these are the exact ones
*These Paint Stenciling Tools

*Metallic Tin,preferably silver or white so you can see the decor

*Oh how I love these..fantastic large mason jars

*Glass Containers with Lids love this large jar so much- bought a few

What you do? Paint them using the stencils and then fill them with treats!