SkinnyBling Jewelry Giveaway Winner!

These last two weeks have been crazy- and with one more mode of public transportation I will be home this afternoon. It really has been planes, trains, and automobiles this week. Jaunts to each coast and a few work side trips in between. I am so ready to get home and back into a routine, it’s not even funny.

I hope this makes someone’s Sunday special (a great way to finish out the week) so without further ado the randomly picked Skinnybling Jewelry winner:

Amy Chatwin

I have always been proud of my initials: ABC. Yep, that’s right! Mum and Dad didn’t really mean for it to happen, but I actually love it. Despite the obvious Jackson 5 song references in primary school. So I would go for the small sterling silver monogram to proudly declare my alphabetic initials to the world

Amy, congrats! Drop me an email so I can hook you up with your prize!



  1. Hi Kris, wow! What a way to finish off my weekend, thank you very much for running this give away. I feel like such a lucky lady, and I can’t wait to show off my new Skinny Bling necklace!
    xx Amy